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What Are Our Fees?

Our strong yet gentle hands are the perfect combination to help make a difficult situation a little easier.


We are experienced, and more importantly...Committed to providing you with superior customer service while liquidating your estate, moving, or downsizing...easing the overwhelming stress that often becomes a burden.


You'll find that we are honest, reputable, friendly, energetic, empathetic, warm and compassionate....because we've been there ourselves!


Don't throw anything out...until we talk!

You would be surprised by what sells...

We Love To Help...
It's What We Do!

Our proven track record and references demonstrate we achieve outstanding sales results!  There is never a charge for the initial consultation and you will be given a quote in advance without charge.  When we are hired to conduct your estate sale, we work on a percentage basis...including a graduated percentage for large ticket items such as cars, boats, etc...There is no cash outlay for our clients, EVER!  We sort, stage, merchandise and sell your items along with handling all staffing needs, permits, signage, credit card fees and advertising...ALL with no additional cost to you.  We will be happy to discuss our fee structure with you when we meet.


Yep...We Sold It!